Derick G on the set of the Portland Free Thinkers Club.

The Daily Depository is a platform dedicated to exploring and expanding social paradigms, breaking stereotypes, digging deeper into the public perception of “artists,” and increasing our understanding of the world around us. This platform is curated by Derick G, the host of the Portland Free Thinkers Club. A northern California native, Derick moved to Portland in 2016 and began his videography/photography production under the title Derick G Visuals. After 32 podcast episodes of his former platform, the Just A Moment Podcast, featuring musicians, business-people, and creatives residing throughout the west-coast, Derick decided to take the leap into a more archaic medium of expression that has passed the test of time – writing.

The message remains the same, however, it is transitioning from a video/audio based platform to column based. The switch was made to focus the ideas of a hour-long podcast and streamline them into a digestible product that can be actively read. While featuring a plethora of Portland creatives, the Daily Depository is a home for the ideas of all people regardless of their cultural distinction or creative background.

Welcome to the marketplace of free ideas.